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Our services include family and educational support through dissemination of information, onsite visits, and workshops. In order for a child and his or her family to qualify for our services the child must have both a vision and hearing impairment and be included on our Indiana Deaf-blind Registry. Our services are available at no cost for families, school districts, and others who work with children who are deaf-blind from birth through 21 years of age. These services are available year-round and may include:

  • technical assistance and information dissemination on topics relevant to each individual's needs
  • child-focused consultations
  • in-service training
  • assistance in the development of IEPs, person-centered plans, and transition-focused educational planning
  • family leadership training
  • intervener training
  • a statewide newsletter
  • a network for information and support
  • a Statewide Registry of students, ages birth through 21, who are deaf-blind.

The term "technical assistance" is used to mean "consultation" or, simply “providing assistance or help”. INDB Services Technical Assistance (TA) basically means consultation with staff to address specific challenges you may be experiencing with a child or young adult who is deaf-blind. Technical assistance can be about any topic related to deaf-blindness (e.g., communication and language, instructional activities, recreation, visual and auditory adaptations, transition to adulthood, etc.).


  • Individuals from birth through age 21 who are deaf-blind.
  • Family members and care providers of individuals who are deaf-blind
  • Personnel from public and private schools, as well as public and private agencies, who serve persons who are deaf-blind and their families.
  • Any family member, care provider, and/or educator of individuals ages birth through 21 years with combined vision and hearing loss, may request services from the Project.